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Our Services Focus on Four Key Areas 


Acquiring new clients is difficult. It requires you to tell your story powerfully and simply. It demands smart investments and clear direction. Our Strategy, Brand, and Data Intelligence teams go beyond superficial numbers and messaging to find the heart of your bank brand and develop programs that inspire customer confidence and action.


Banking relationships become the strongest when they start off on the right foot. Whether it is an automated email over the first six months, interactive training videos, or meaningful material, our content team understands what it takes to engage, teach, and develop a new bank client.


Great customers are hard to find and can be more difficult to keep. You must work as diligently to keep a client engaged as you did to attract them in the first place. This area of challenge is often put into the background, but our tried-and-true methodology keeps your clients engaged — protecting the investment you made in attracting them to your bank.

Retention & Retargeting

What happens when a person engages with your bank, but for some reason, does not complete a loan application or online account opening? Retaining full customer relationships and retargeting potential customers is as important as ever. We have the tools, knowledge and expertise to help you re-engage attrition and prevent client loss.

We solve problems with a host of services: Strategy, Branding, Content Marketing, Email, Geotargeting, SEO, Digital Advertising, Print Advertising, Website Development, Data Gathering and Optimization, Behavioral Marketing, Internal Communication…You get the idea.

We do all of this with federal regulation and compliance in mind. It’s why your entire Mabus Agency support staff is continually trained on the financial industry through the American Bankers Association’s learning management system.

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We love focus, but we also know great ideas come from working across many disciplines. Outside of our financial marketing division, we develop big ideas for everything from coffee distributors to physician practices.

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Meet the leaders who spent the last decade modernizing community banks.

Josh Mabus

President, Founder

Josh Mabus is a minimalist by nature, and with the trappings of marketing and design stripped away, his goal is to help people. He does so by immersing himself in each of his clients until he feels like a part of the client’s company. 

Josh has been the creative mind standing between an idea and its potential for as long as he can remember. That’s because of his ability to hear his client’s internal vision in a way that allows him to create a strategy for execution. 

Hunter Young

Division President,
Financial Services Marketing

Leading Mabus Agency’s Financial Services Marketing division in our Raleigh office, Hunter and his team dig deep into transactional and engagement data and craft marketing programs that help companies acquire prospects wisely, deepen relationships, and retain customers.

Hunter Young has always pursued the toughest marketing challenges. He led the global and retail web teams at BB&T ($200B asset bank) and managed marketing and data teams at one of the fastest growing community banks in the country before joining Mabus Agency.

Meet our team. An extension of your team.
Mary Meghan Mabus

VP Operations /
Media Director

Kathryn Glaser Elias

Financial Marketing Specialist, Client Communications Coordinator

Sital Sigh

Client Communications Coordinator

Mike Reynolds

Lead Web Developer

Emma Geiger

Lead Graphic Designer

JB Clark

Content Director

Aaron Sather

Motion Graphics Director

Selena Nolan

Executive Assistant

Sarah McLaurin

Media Coordinator

Laura Dickey

Administrative Assistant

Riley Manning


Austin Hille


Jeremy Donaldson


Bobby Hudspeth

Video Manager

Jaime Hays

Production Assistant

Landers Pannell

Production Assistant

Michael Gann

Web Designer

Joe Cain

Web Designer

Joshua Green

Web Designer

Brennan Kennedy

Brand Designer

Corey Childers

Graphic Designer

Robbie Richardson

Graphic Designer

Taylor Stone

Graphic Designer

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